Home Insulation Retrofit

Home Insulation Retrofit

Biofoam Spray Foam Insulation is a fully registered and highly approved home insulation company. We manufacture home insulation and are insulation suppliers of spray form insulation for the home. Our approved, professionally certified spray foam contractors will advise you on what are the best possible foam insulation solutions for your home, usually one of our open cell foam solutions which is the most suited spray foam insulation solution in the home. All our products used in our home insulation spray foam are compliant with building regulations and are suitable for attic insulationloft insulationwall insulation and general insulation around the house.

Helping the environment is important to Biofoam, so we manufacture a very environmentally friendly home insulation which has a very low carbon footprint. Our spray foam insulation is made from castor oil based products that are environmentally sustainable and do not affect the eco system. Insulating the home with our products will greatly reduce your carbon footprint as you are not wasting energy and thus improving your home insulation ratings. Your heating bills will never need to be costly again!

Home Insulation Retrofit

If you have an existing home that contains problems in insulation, or are suffering from high heating bills or a cold home, then you need to update your building, however old it, is with our retrofit Biofoam Spray Foam Insulation. Our modern spray foam solutions provide the perfect protection from the elements and keep your house warm and energy efficient. Unlike the traditional methods of insulation our retrofit spray foam does not sag, rot or decay over time providing the best insulation for years to come. Our expert contractors will advise you on replacing your existing insulation and will then apply our high quality foam to protect your home for the long run.

Home Insulation Retrofit

Here at Bio Foam, we offer a long term solution for home insulation with our spray foam products that remain stable over a very long period of time. Our spray foam for the home retains its home insulation u values (overall heat transfer coefficient) and home insulation R values (thermal resistance) over time and does not degenerate as the years go by, reducing the need for replacing home insulation in the future.
It is suitable for old and new homes that require a lifetime long term insulation solution. There are many direct benefits of home insulation with our products such as reducing the risk of dampness and condensation in your home.

Over any period of time it can easily be seen that our spray form insulation saves money compared with other forms of home insulation. When you take all factors into consideration, it makes perfect sense to use our low cost spray foam solution as home insulation cost is an important factor in deciding.

When you want to dramatically reduce your heating bills, then our spray foam home insulation is a great choice, contact us today and we will get our nearest spray foam contractors to guide you through the process with honest insulation solutions that are very affordable, there may even be home insulation grants or a home insulation scheme available for you in your area.

If you have any home insulation questions just send your queries or questions on to us and we will promptly get back to you.

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