Tasmania Foam Insulation

Tasmania Foam Insulation

Over the past number of years Tasmania foam insulation has become a common method of home insulation. We are insulation manufacturers and insulation suppliers of a foam insulation system to Tasmania that is environmentally friendly insulation non-chemically blown foam insulation.

Our insulation materials are suitable for individuals with breathing conditions such as asthma because they do not give off any gases or dust particles. One will often hear about closed cell foam insulation and open cell foam insulation when talking about foam insulation.

We manufacture both types of foam insulation and a detailed explanation can be found here on open cell foam insulation and closed cell form insulation from our company.  In brief, open cell is breathable and closed cell is not breathable. Our professional spray foam contractors in Tasmania will assist you in deciding the most suitable spray foam insulation solution.

Foam Insulation in Tasmania

Using Bio Foam intelligent spray foam insulation has distinctive advantages over traditional methods of insulation and other foam insulation in Tasmania regarding performance and character in addition to high performance thermal insulation properties.

The Bio Foam system is used to help with soundproofing and air-tightness insulation. The main reason for this is the way foam insulation is applied as a liquid and then expands to fill in cracks and crevices in a structure. The system we use is water blown and has a very low carbon footprint. It is castor oil based foam insulation with many advantages over soya based foam insulation.

Saving with Insulation Foam in Tasmania

Foam insulation does not breakdown over a period of time and retains its u-value. This means that the long term savings in energy are far greater than other insulation systems in Tasmania that lose their home insulation u values over time.

This all means that you save in energy over a short period of time with our home insulation in Tasmania compared with other traditional forms of insulation. It is the ideal insulation solution for loft insulation, timber frame insulation structures, old buildings in Tasmania and new builds.

View our insulation comparison chart provided to see just how we compare in Tasmania!